A timeless, aristocratic beauty with her head tilted towards the stars, but her feet planted firmly on the ground.  Kind but slightly devious. Looking for righteous payback without letting her vulnerability show. 

Sarah Navratil Resume

  • I was born in Bremerhaven, Germany to a German mother and American fatherly so I speak German fluently and have dual citizenship. 

  • My favorite food group is cheese and wine...and Nutella. Yes, those are food groups!

  • I prefer riding a horse to walking.

  • I will only put white lights on my Christmas tree.  It's elegant, ok.

  • My mom and I love jamming out to the classics. Dolly Parton and Michael Jackson!

  • I'm a bit of a medical/science nerd. I managed a Microbio Food Safety Lab, was a surgical technician for sheep and love learning about diseases. 

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